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I normally photograph Ella and Ethan at their school in the fall. But this year is NOT normal and all of my school photos have been pushed off because many of those school are closed…or closed to outside visitors. I miss all my kids! I’m so glad Diana reached out to schedule a photo session. […]

Seattle Family Photographer ~ Ella & Ethan

I have been so busy working this summer that I have not had any time to blog about our activities this summer. Suffice it to say that this was NOT the summer we had planned! But we had fun nonetheless and I want to make sure that fun makes it into our annual book! Summer […]

Pandemic Summer

How could I not start this post with this picture?! Tyler’s top choice of colleges is UW. His next top six choices are all in California so let’s cross our fingers for UW so we can keep him in the state! This is another family that Mr. Fun knows from high school. When I told […]

Seattle Senior Photographer~Tyler

Barb called me early in the summer to book a photo session for her family. Late last year her family gave her a photo session for a gift. It was all she wanted! Pictures are the BEST gift because they are one of the few things you can give that gets more valuable the longer […]

Seattle Family Photographer ~ The Gift that Keeps on Giving

What a weird year for school. We are all over the place but finally all three girls have officially started school…whatever THAT looks like! Ellie started first back in August. Two of her six classes still have some sort of in person instruction but we don’t know how long that will last because COVID numbers […]

Back to School

Pandemic Problem #4713 – Campus visits. Paige has a great list of colleges she would like to apply to. And that is great! But since she can’t go visit any of the campuses (at least not yet) she can’t narrow down the list…nevermind pick a school she would like to attend and live near for […]

Seattle Senior Photographer ~ Paige