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Last fall I was supposed to photograph Jen and her crew. We’d worked out all the schedules, talked about outfits, and talked about locations. We were good to go. And then COVID got in the way. One member of the crew had been exposed to COVID and we didn’t know if they would come down […]

Seattle Family Photography ~ Worth the Wait

This picture literally brings tears to my eyes. To me it’s a picture of my girl in the middle of a successful launch. She is graduating from college, looking forward to her next adventure, and has her partner at her side. Seriously, as a parent I really just want my kid to be happy. I […]

Seattle Senior Photographer ~ This is everything!

Bradley graduated from college in the middle of a pandemic. How do you even begin to find a job when you are stuck at home? I can’t even imagine where you would start!! Bradley’s mom, Molly, had a great idea. She decided it was time to update his headshots. Senior pictures were quite a few […]

Seattle Headshot Photographer ~ Bradley

NPR has been running segments lately sharing listeners stories about when they knew life was going to change because of the pandemic.  I think this is such an interesting question and I think it’s super important to document it because it is history.   ‘We may be in the same storm but we are in […]

Seattle Family Photographer ~ #themoment

Last month we decided to take Kate’s birthday pictures up in Suncadia when we were staying in our house for the last time before we sold it.  It snowed ALL weekend so we had to pick a time when it happened to be snowing LESS.  She was great about hitting all the spots I wanted […]

Suncadia Family Photographer ~ Lesson Learned

I have known Hal for years. We have kids the same age and we have attended the same church for years! He’s got all sorts of big, exciting, things happening. One of them being the fact that he’s lost more than 100 pounds. Hello! Is there a better reason to get new headshots? I don’t […]

Seattle Headshot Photographer ~ Hal