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Miss Josie was the star of the show the last time we did a photo session…3 years ago. She is now in fifth grade and I wasn’t sure how she would feel in front of the camera. Turns out she was just as enthusiastic! (For the record, it was her Dad who called her a […]

The Ham

While I was taking Ronan’s pictures a week ago I complimented him on knowing just how I wanted him to sit. He said ‘Of course, I’m a professional!’ This made us all laugh but we’ve been doing photo sessions twice a year since before he was born (maternity pictures) so he’s not that far off. […]

The Professional

Guest Blogger: Jill We have an artistic print of that phrase hanging above our dinner table and have really begun to take that to heart as we’ve gotten into some high adventure over the last few years. This was a big summer for Colin and I. We started with a lot of training hikes to […]

Life is Better when you Adventure Together

Last year I photographed Sadie’s brother and he was somewhat reluctant. When Amy called to schedule Sadie’s session I was crossing my fingers hoping she would enjoy her session a bit more. (Don’t get me wrong, he eventually had fun and enjoyed the fact that we caught a deer right behind him!) Sadie was MUCH […]

Seattle Senior Photographer ~ Sadie

The last time I saw Paige she was four.  FOUR!  To say she has changed a lot is an understatement!  I was thrilled to get a chance to hear what she’d been up to in the last 14 years.  Ha! Just kidding…I only asked her about the last year. Paige has had really busy summer […]

Seattle Senior Photographer ~ Paige

Whenever I do a senior session I ask Mom (who is usually scheduling the session) if there is anything their senior is passionate about.  Anything they’d like to highlight during their photo session.  Sari, Jake’s Mom, gave me the BEST answer I’ve ever had. ‘Well, if you could surround him with girls at a party […]

Issaquah Senior Photographer ~ Jake