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This girl has her golden birthday today! 19 on the 19th. It’s her first birthday away from us but she is going to have a great day. I’ve recruited her roommate to help me out. Maddie is gathering friends for a little pizza party for our girl. I sent along a package with gold decorations, […]

Seattle Family Photographer ~ Happy Birthday Bronco

I first met Elle, Matt and Pearce a few years ago when their family was going through some big changes. I am honored that they chose me to photograph them again to help them make some MORE big changes! I am going to be somewhat vague (because I don’t know how public their process is) […]

Seattle Family Photographer ~ Big Changes

January is always my time to take stock in my business, review the previous year and start planning ahead. This year I planned ahead and started gathering everything I’d need to give my website a big update. (You may have already noticed that this blog post looks different!) I had a lot of fun going […]

Seattle Family Photographer ~ Shiny and New

I’m back! We had a year off last year but I’ve got a great list of challenges for February and it’s time to get our creative juices flowing! Join in on the fun. I’ll be posting every day on my personal Facebook page. (If we aren’t friends then send me a message and we will […]

The Challenge – 2020

For years I’ve picked a phrase or word to help guide my year. Since before it was in vogue, actually. I’m that kind of geeky. But I like having a bit of a guide. What can I say?! Last year was a crazy year. We moved twice so that took a lot of time. So […]


Yup! You read that right. My kid is 21 today. I can barely type that. It’s probably because I’m so old, right? Let’s not focus on me here…nothing to see. You should probably know this post will be a complete Mom brag. Brace yourself! This girl (Woman? I can’t go there.) has got it all […]

Seattle Family Photographer ~ Happy 21!