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When all this COVID craziness started back in early March I had a wild hair of an idea.  I thought it would be great to support our local front line medical workers with meals I would purchase from local restaurants.  It seemed like the perfect way to help both sides that were hurting so much.  […]

Seattle Family Photographer ~ Feast for the Heart

I am eagerly awaiting the orders that allow me to open back up. My first order of business will be to capture my seniors. I’ll be sending out a notice about scheduling cap and gown sessions for them. Now, more than ever, it’s so important to capture this big milestone for them!I’ll also be booking […]

Seattle Family Photographer ~ Syndrome Stories

We are the lucky ones.  We are the ones who are and can figure out how to work (ok, not me but my hubby and daughter) online, do school online, and volunteer online.  We are lucky enough to be bored sometimes and enjoy our new found time together and laughs around the dinner table. We’ve […]

Malady Musings

Such a weird time we are in.  We knew we’d be getting a puppy in March but when we decided on getting a puppy in the first place (last November!) we had no idea how ideal the timing would be.  Not only do we have many more hands to help with the potty and sleep […]

Seattle Family Photographer ~ Curly Girls

Best. Quarantine Pal. Ever. Our timing for getting a new puppy was spot on. When you get a new puppy they suggest you clear your schedule because having a puppy is just like having a baby. You get NO sleep, you are at the beck and call of this little cutie, you can’t turn your […]

Seattle Family Photographer ~ Frankie

Has it only been a week since we did this party? Why does it feel like 2 months?! Let me start by saying that when we had this party people were just starting to do the social distancing. We would never do a sleepover or even a get together now…and certainly not a scavenger hunt! […]

Seattle Family Photographer ~ Friends