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Jeff is SEVERELY outnumbered in his house. He and Kristi have four daughters and just recently added puppy Willa. He is outnumbered on ALL fronts! One of my favorite things about this family is how much they love each other and how much they love our annual photo sessions. I ALWAYS have to take every […]

Seattle Family Photographer ~Jeff and his Girls

We got Frankie the day everything shut down…March 11th. (On Kate’s birthday!). Our timing could not have been better! Sure a puppy is hard at first with sleepless nights and potty training. But the has been endlessly entertaining and such a great snuggler. I’m not kidding when I say that two dogs is easier than […]

Frankie in Review

Yesterday Frankie turned one. Since we were very busy watching the inauguration I decided to wait until today to post these pictures. (I did miss a speech or two taking the pictures. Do I get credit for that?) Since I have been using my doods for pictures all year Frankie is an excellent subject and […]

Seattle Family Photographer ~ Pandemic Puppy

On Saturday we drove up to Bellingham to have a picnic lunch with Jill and Colin. Today (the 18th) is her birthday and we needed to take advantage of fairly good weather. (Anything without rain is a win in our book!) We had a great time catching up and hearing about the senioritis that has […]

Seattle Family Photographer~ Birthday Girl

While I get to see them fairly often, I don’t always photograph these cuties. In December I normally photograph them at our annual tree farm trip but COVID canceled that so we made and actual date to take pictures. So formal! HA! Not really…we had some fun in their driveway and front yard. Since they […]

Seattle Family Photographer ~ Jack and Henry

When I was little my sister and I always thought we were the luckiest kids because we got to have three Christmas’. We would have one a week before for just our family. (Clearly my parents had an IN with Santa because he would deliver to our house a week early!). Then we would drive […]

Magical Christmas 2