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I’ve been photographing these boys since they were so small.  And I’ve done their family photo sessions four times now at their beach house.  This makes me so nervous every year because I always want my clients to have a variety of pictures in a variety of locations.   Somehow, every year, there seems to […]

Issaquah Family Photographer ~ Finding new in old

How have I not shared these pictures yet?!  I feel like I have photographed these guys in every location I’ve ever used.  When I thought it through I was thrilled to remember that I’d never taken them to Meadowbrook Farm. Unfortunately there was a wedding going on so we couldn’t use the barn structure, but […]

Seattle Family Photographer ~ Ronan and Nora

I first met Caroline right before she married Alex.  She was Jill’s 7th grade teacher.  (For reference Jill is 23 and a college graduate!). We got to cheer her on through her marriage and the birth of all three of her kids.  I think she might have some sort of telepathy because when she reached […]

Issaquah Family Photographer ~ Old Friends

Love, Michelle

Big Changes!

Today Kate takes the last final of her high school career. I know what you are thinking…’Wait! Didn’t she already graduate?’ Yes and no. The graduation ceremony was a couple weeks ago but she still had classes at the community college that she needed in order to complete her associates degree. So now she is […]

Seattle Senior Photographer ~ Catching Up with Kate

Here are my favorite pictures from the last few years…weird as they are! (The years, not the pictures!)

Issaquah Family Photographer – Kate’s Later Years