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We are taking a little off the top We made a sweet little trim on somethin’ and we think you’ll like it- no, it wasn’t bangs, but don’t tempt us! Back by popular demand…mini sessions! We pulled together just what you need for quick holiday gifts and cards and it just got a FRESH price […]

Seattle Family Photographer ~ Mini Sessions Y’all

I am so happy that could fit Jean and her family on my calendar for a last minute family session. Her husband’s parents had been visiting various parts of the United States for the past five months and are soon going to be on their way home to India. Jean wanted to make sure they […]

Mercer Island Family Photographer ~ Annika

I first met Zayn and Zara EONS ago at school. I was their school photographer and eventually met Tejal and Zarir when I became their family photographer too. This is the first year that I don’t get to photograph either Zayn or Zara at school. So strange! We were supposed to do this session back […]

Mercer Island Family Photographer ~ Zayn & Zara

I started photographing this family when Eben was an only child in preschool. I’ve been lucky enough to continue to photograph them as their family grew. Ray was just a wee little baby the last time I photographed them, pre-COVID. I was amazed to see him running towards me when we met at the park! […]

Seattle Family Photographer ~ Growing Fast

When Diane hired me to take family pictures I have to admit I was a bit intimidated.  I knew her husband was a fantastic landscape photographer and I was a bit intimidated.  I’m so glad that I went to their house to check out their backyard as a potential session location.  (We chose something different […]

Issaquah Family Photographer ~ Diane and Roger

When Lynn reached out to me about photographing her extended family in Suncadia I was thinking…yes please, I love it up there.  Then she told me a bit more about the story.  Greg has been valiantly fighting cancer and apparently he’s been quite successful!  They are all so happy they get to keep him in […]

Suncadia Family Photographer ~ Lynn & Greg