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When Ethan’s Mom scheduled a senior session for him she reminded me that we’d met in 2018 at a Soulumination session. I’d photographed them at the recommendation of another of my Soul families because Jessie (Mom) had recently been diagnosed with ALS.  Normally I don’t discuss my Soul families but Jessie said it was ok.  […]

Seattle Senior Photographer ~ Ethan

A few weeks ago Gina and her family rented our Suncadia house so their whole extended family could celebrate the 50th anniversary of their parents. What a milestone! A golden milestone! On top of all that they hired me to come and photograph them all together. It was the perfect opportunity because they don’t all […]

Suncadia Family Photographer ~ Golden Weekend

In the case of Palm Springs that is true. With the pandemic we missed two years in the dessert. Two years of pool time and sunshine and all the things we like to do down here.   As far as family goes, though, absence make my heart grow desperate. Because of the pandemic and the […]

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

We finally got Kate’s birthday pictures taken…AFTER her birthday. That has never happened but she is a busy girl! We are so proud of this newly minted adult.  (I’m kind of choking on that word for my baby.). She has had the weir high school experience.  We moved to a temporary house during her freshman […]

Seattle Senior Photographer ~ Kate is 18!

The last time I did headshots for Arden was last spring with my iPhone. She needed a few quick pictures for a work project so I put her in front of her garage door and used my phone. They were cute, but I owed her something much better! I love that she brought along a […]

Issaquah Headshot Photographer ~ Arden

The other day I had Joelle over to decorate cookies for Swedish Hospital. And like every good chef knows you should definitely wear a nice black shirt when you are working with powdered sugar. Right?! Okay, okay…I actually had her dress nicely because I wanted to test out a few headshot poses. And because my […]

Seattle Headshot Photographer ~ Joelle