Aug 21, 2017

Seattle Family Photographer ~ Ellie’s Night

It’s so nice that the girls now make their own ‘needs’ lists before we go shopping.  This means I often don’t know until the day of our adventure where we are going to go.  Turns out we went to almost the same places as Kate!  Despite going to five different stores we only managed to find four shirts for Ellie that night.  Tough crowd!

Ellie, of course, picked Five Guys as her dinner of choice.  This girl has already told us that Five Guys will be what she serves her guests at her wedding too so it’s a natural pick for school shopping night.  Since that doesn’t settle very well with my delicate belly I smuggled in a salad and then helped with her fries.  We can’t ever resist the fries.  We could forgo all the protein easily and just fill ourselves with fries!

Here are Ellie’s all important answers to my annual questions:

What are you most looking forward to?  ‘Forensics class.  I don’t know yet if I got it but that will be my science.’

What are you most worried about?  ‘Working during Junior year.  I don’t know how hard it will be and I’m worried there won’t be enough time.’

Fair enough!  Junior year is a tough one but Ellie is ready for a good year and sure she will pass with flying colors!