Dec 6, 2017

Seattle Family Photographer ~ The Eyes Have It

These girls.  I’ve been photographing them for forever.  (Check out these little cuties here.)  They are like two peas in a pod and I always have to ask who is Grace and who is Anna but once they tell me I can see it.  Promise!

Aside from their smarts and their kindness and their soccer and drama talent, these girls  also have these amazing eyes.  I’m so glad I got to photograph them this year in the fall because these eyes just scream fall to me.  They are the perfect green/hazel mix that match the trees this year.  So easy to get lost in!

Jen told me that it was the girls who requested new pictures.  The last time they came to see me was three years ago and one was in braces and wouldn’t smile.  They want to be on the wall as they look today.  Love that!

Here are my favorites from their mini session…