Jan 29, 2018

Seattle Family Photographer ~ Jack’s Turn at Hogwarts

Last weekend Jack had his 10th birthday party.  And what a fun party it was!  In the last few months Joelle and the boys have started reading the Harry Potter books.  We have been waiting for this day!  It is so much fun to share this obsession with the boys.

Joelle did a great job coming up with all of the different classes and things!  The party started with a stop in Hogsmeade for some ties, spell books and wands for all the kids.

Next the kids went to Care of Magical Creatures class where they learned about Dragons and their eggs from Professor Grubblyplank (Ellie):

The next class on the schedule was Charms taught by Professor Flitwick (Henry).  This class was almost like RoShamBo.  The Duelers would yell out spells at the same time and, depending on which spells were called out, a winner would be announced.

The last class offered was Potions class with Professor Slughorn (Kate).  The students were to make the Draught of Peace.  (Also know as slime.)

There was an amazing Great Hall table (with floating candles of course) where Jack’s Hagrid cake and Butterbeer were served.

After opening gifts the kids watched Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.  (It was super cute when all the kids came running upstairs to tell Joelle just how perfectly she decorated the cake.  ‘It looks JUST like the one Hagrid brought Harry!’  Um….YEAH!)  They got a visit from the Honeydukes candy cart.  A highlight for sure!

Here are a few more detail pictures for your viewing pleasure…

A good time was had by all.  Even little Dobby (played by Charlie)…