Oct 26, 2017

Seattle Family Photographer ~ The Mullet Bunch

Mark has had the most creative idea for his holiday card for over a year.  Life was too crazy last year for us to focus on the creative so we had fun doing it this year.  I will not reveal what we are doing until after he sends his card out (how’s that for a teaser?) but it was fun to get my creative juices flowing!

I love that not only did we get their own large bunch together but Mark and Kelley added their parents in for pictures too.  I adore taking grandparent pictures because ALL kids need pictures taken with their grandparents.  This has become even more obvious to me now that my oldest daughter has gone off to college.  I love seeing the pictures she chose to bring with her.  She has surrounded herself with her family!  These kids can do it too!

Here are my favorites…