Apr 24, 2019

Seattle Family Photographer~ Spring Break x2

We had a great time in California for spring break again this year. This was the year that the boys were the perfect age to go visit Harry Potter at Universal. We had just been there for the Rose Bowl so the thing we were most looking forward to was seeing THEIR reaction to all things Harry Potter.

They did not disappoint! Jack and Henry wore ties and robes and house shirts. I really think this was key for our first activity, visiting Olivander’s wand shop. Joelle was worried that only one brother would be picked for Olivander’s pupil. (It’s a neat interactive show where Olivander helps a student pick their wand.) To our amazement they picked BOTH Jack and Henry to participate. They never do that! It was so great that Joelle and I had tears in our eyes. THIS was what this trip was all about!

Before we hit the road for Palm Springs we made a quick stop at Ellie’s favorite store, Unique Vintage, so she could spend her birthday gift card. Always fun to see her in her element. Ha!

In Palm Springs we had a lovely time. Plenty of pool time, plenty of hang out time, and plenty of family time. Just how we like it!

We always like to go out for and adult dinner while we are there. This year we went to The Pink Cabana. What a fantastic place. It was a feast for the eyes AND the palate. Yummy food and the design was inspiring. So much so that I insisted that Ellie and Kate go back with me the next day for some (very expensive) french fries and some pictures. The fries were the excuse for us to go in there and TAKE pictures. TOTALLY worth it. I just wanted them to see it!

This year I didn’t take as many pictures as I normally do. Specifically I didn’t bring along my ‘big’ camera. I learned last year that I don’t really like taking family pictures with any of my people missing. In this case Jill! Her spring break does not fall at the same time as ours did.

What did Jill do for her spring break? I’m glad you asked! She had an amazing time skiing in Colorado. Jill and Colin (her boyfriend) stayed with his aunt and uncle and had the chance to ski at Keystone, Breckenridge and Arapaho Basin. It sounds like it was a fantastic adventure and the snow was amazing. Happily she sent along some pictures so we can share HER spring break too! (Ellie take note because you will have to do this for me next year too.)