Feb 19, 2019

Seattle Family Photographer ~ Take Two!

For Ellie’s birthday pictures this year we decided to have some fun in the snow.  Why not?!?  It was EVERYWHERE and it would have been hard to get pictures without it!

We went near sun down and played around a bit with the light but Ellie just wasn’t feeling it.  She wasn’t really liking what we came up with so we gave up and went home.  I think we got some REALLY cute pictures that night but I wanted her to be happy so I readily agreed to another quick shoot.

SHE WAS 100% RIGHT!  We went with a completely different look (thanks to the awesome new leather jacket she got with her Christmas money), turned on a bit of AC/DC during the pictures, and they were way more ELLIE.  Sometimes you just have to call an audible and start over.  So glad we did!

Today is this vintage girl’s birthday.  18!  We really threw a curve ball (moving and remodeling) into her senior year and I am so proud of how she is rolling with it.  It’s been so fulfilling to watch her blossom this year.  So much confidence and I love watching her move into a new adulting phase.  Go Ellie!

We will do a fun family dinner to celebrate her tonight and a low key (by choice) party with her bestie tomorrow.  Here are my favorite pictures from both of the sessions…