Sep 24, 2019

Seattle Senior Photographer ~ Lucky Ducks

Skylar’s Mom and I were Huskies at the University of Washington together. When I called this blog post Lucky Ducks I was NOT referring to her choice of schools. (It might be hard for either one of us to send a check to Oregon. Just No!) I was referring to the weather.

We moved the time of this session around at least three times hoping we would be able to find some dry weather. We started at one of my tried and true undercover spots but quickly hit the road when we saw clear skies. Between our starting point and our ending destination (20 minutes later) we totally got rained on BUT it was honestly fairly dry when we got there. We were so lucky!

This session was neat because Jen came along for the fun. I was lucky enough to hear about how both of them were doing!

Here are my favorite pictures from Skylar’s session…