Aug 26, 2019

Seattle Senior Photographer

Like his good friend Jasper, Torin is a runner. He’s looking forward to this year season because there is a chance they will go back to state. So exciting!

Also like Jasper, Torin loves to play tenor saxophone. Unlike Jasper, though, Torin is following his passion for music to college instead of running. If he can run too then all the better. According to his research, though, pursuing music could take up to 5-6 hours a day. He heard the same thing about running. Ummm…that’s 10-12 hours and that doesn’t even include going to class, studying or sleeping! These are all things Torin pointed out to me. I was impressed with the level headed way he considered and explained it!

Torin and I had the perfect night to wander around Issaquah taking his pictures. We saved the best for last when he brought out his instruments. The guitar was much harder than I thought it would be, but love what we finally came up with!

Here are my favorites…

I’m so glad that Sara was time to gather everybody for family photos this time. When I photographed Davis two years ago life was so busy I could only get Davis with his Dad!