Sep 5, 2017

Suncadia Family Photographer ~ On Our Own

A few weeks ago I decided that we needed to have our own family pictures taken.  I didn’t have outfits, I didn’t have a photographer, but I DID have a vision and a friend with a tripod.  Most importantly I had willing participants!  (I also had the ability to run quickly after pressing the shutter button.  Always a bonus.)

We love Suncadia and last summer I found some beautiful locations for magic light photos.  (That is the last hour as the sun is setting.  It’s when the light is soft and warm.  Beautiful!)

Because I didn’t have planned out outfits I decided ahead of time that black and white would be the way to go.  Not only that, I was looking to replace a wall full of black and white photos so that was perfect!

If you are interest in a Suncadia magic light session let me know.  I’m happy to meet you up there!