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Mother Nature has been HORRIBLE to PNW photographers this year. It feels like almost all the fall weekends have been full of rain. Spencer was supposed to come in mid-October but that weekend was full of rain (and homecoming) so we decided to push it until November. I’m not sure it was even possible, but […]

Bellevue Senior Photographer ~ Spencer

I am a big fan of family hug pictures. I love getting close ups of everybody squished together.  I just think that even though some of my kids don’t particularly love hugging they ARE willing to do it for a picture and I love how it show how close we are physically and metaphorically. When […]

Mercer Island Family Photographer ~ Sneaky

Oh my…I don’t even know how long it’s been but I’m guessing at least seven years. That’s how long it’s been since I’ve seen Cole. I had my first Mini Cooper at the time and I LOVED that Brian and Danna wanted to include THEIR Mini Cooper in the photo shoot.  Well Cole is mini […]

Seattle Family Photographer ~ Not Mini Anymore

Miss Piper came for pictures along with her family a few weeks ago. We brought along peanut butter pretzels in case she got hangry and made sure her silky locks were perfect before her moment in front of the camera. She seemed pretty excited when I asked her pose for me in just the right […]

Mercer Island Family Photographer ~ Pretty Piper

I have been taking pictures for clients for over 21 years. At this point I have my favorite spots , I know what kind of light I like and I have an idea of how I like to pose my clients.  I’ve been photographing Kelli and her crew for over 13 years so we are […]

Seattle Family Photographer ~ Efficient

One of the things I love to do with senior sessions is highlight a passion of theirs…if they will let me! When Max’s Mom Kirsten said he’d been restoring a vintage Volkswagen Bug I KNEW we needed to included it. And he was totally up for it! In fact, he worked non-stop for two days […]

Mercer Island Senior Photographer ~ Max