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I missed this family! Normally I meet Tejal and her family in the spring but everything was shut down and there was no way to meet. Boo! Turns out we were both busy with the same sort of fun…a pandemic puppy! Don’t let Jackson’s size fool you. He is 40 pounds of fun and he […]

Seattle Family Photographer ~ Pandemic Puppy

I have photographed these guys for their birthdays every years since they were born. (And even before too!) In all that time we have tried out SO MANY different parks. This time was a first though. This year I got to photograph them at their house! (Don’t worry, for the safety of all of us […]

Seattle Family Photographer ~ At Home

Kate has a plan. Of course she does! This girl ALWAYS has a plan! For the last four years Kate has been dreaming about where she would go first when she got her driver’s license. She was unimpressed with what her sisters did (one went to school and the other went to the grocery store) […]

Seattle Family Photographer ~ She has a plan

I first met Elle, Matt and Pearce a few years ago when their family was going through some big changes. I am honored that they chose me to photograph them again to help them make some MORE big changes! I am going to be somewhat vague (because I don’t know how public their process is) […]

Seattle Family Photographer ~ Big Changes

If you know me personally you know I LOVE color. And of course I LOVE my girls. So when I saw this wall in my travels in south Seattle I knew I had to combine those two. Thankfully my girls were willing to get up (and shower) early to get to this spot before our […]

Seattle Family Photographer ~ Living Color

It’s not fair. Kristi didn’t even know the exact location for our photo shoot. We actually met at a TOTALLY different park but changed our minds when we saw the lighting conditions. We called an audible and ended up in this spot. How is it that her outfits are perfectly styled for this location? All […]

Seattle Family Photographer ~ Green with Envy