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Last month we decided to take Kate’s birthday pictures up in Suncadia when we were staying in our house for the last time before we sold it.  It snowed ALL weekend so we had to pick a time when it happened to be snowing LESS.  She was great about hitting all the spots I wanted […]

Suncadia Family Photographer ~ Lesson Learned

I have taken pictures of Kristi’s family for year…at school and at parks.  (She teaches at and her kids attended a school where I take the student portraits). With no school pictures this year she decided she needed a professional intervention.  I was happy to oblige! I can’t believe how big her kids are now! […]

Seattle Family Photographer ~ Kindred Spirits

The pandemic has been hard in so many ways but there are a few things that I hope we get to keep once things open up a bit more. One of them is the fact that I get to photograph more of my school families. I always get to know the kids but I never […]

Seattle Family Photography ~ Anton and Grant

Miss Madeline is a smarty pants. Ever since I heard that she was essentially skipping high school and attending a special program at UW (Yes, she is going to graduate at 18 with a bachelor’s degree!) I just KNEW I needed to do a photo session for them there. Because, of course, not only is […]

Seattle Family Photographer ~ Familiar Ground

This is Miss Josie’s first fall in the Pacific Northwest. Well I suppose it’s the same for her parents too! They moved just as COVID hit but they’ve been doing a good job of getting to know their new city. Since they moved from Southern California fall color is a brand new thing to her […]

Seattle Family Photgrapher ~ Transplant

Barb called me early in the summer to book a photo session for her family. Late last year her family gave her a photo session for a gift. It was all she wanted! Pictures are the BEST gift because they are one of the few things you can give that gets more valuable the longer […]

Seattle Family Photographer ~ The Gift that Keeps on Giving