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It is so hard for us photographer types to resist babies with rolls. Especially when your neighbor gives you a peek at that chubby baby while you are sitting on your back deck! Between my schedule and Louie’s we only ended up having one day to make our photo session happen…and even then it was […]

Issaquah Family Photographer ~ Baby Louie

While I was taking Ronan’s pictures a week ago I complimented him on knowing just how I wanted him to sit. He said ‘Of course, I’m a professional!’ This made us all laugh but we’ve been doing photo sessions twice a year since before he was born (maternity pictures) so he’s not that far off. […]

The Professional

Wrangling your family for family photos is no easy feat.  Trying to get your crew in one place at the same time can be the hardest part.  Kristen was balancing family vacations, kids going off to college, work presentations, unenthusiastic participants and six outfits that needed to be coordinated. But she SUCCEEDED!  And somehow Mother […]

Issaquah Family Photographer ~ Family Wrangler

How have I not shared these pictures yet?!  I feel like I have photographed these guys in every location I’ve ever used.  When I thought it through I was thrilled to remember that I’d never taken them to Meadowbrook Farm. Unfortunately there was a wedding going on so we couldn’t use the barn structure, but […]

Seattle Family Photographer ~ Ronan and Nora

I first met Caroline right before she married Alex.  She was Jill’s 7th grade teacher.  (For reference Jill is 23 and a college graduate!). We got to cheer her on through her marriage and the birth of all three of her kids.  I think she might have some sort of telepathy because when she reached […]

Issaquah Family Photographer ~ Old Friends

A few weeks ago Gina and her family rented our Suncadia house so their whole extended family could celebrate the 50th anniversary of their parents. What a milestone! A golden milestone! On top of all that they hired me to come and photograph them all together. It was the perfect opportunity because they don’t all […]

Suncadia Family Photographer ~ Golden Weekend