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If you know me personally you know I LOVE color. And of course I LOVE my girls. So when I saw this wall in my travels in south Seattle I knew I had to combine those two. Thankfully my girls were willing to get up (and shower) early to get to this spot before our […]

Seattle Family Photographer ~ Living Color

It’s not fair. Kristi didn’t even know the exact location for our photo shoot. We actually met at a TOTALLY different park but changed our minds when we saw the lighting conditions. We called an audible and ended up in this spot. How is it that her outfits are perfectly styled for this location? All […]

Seattle Family Photographer ~ Green with Envy

When I first started photographing Harvey he was just three years old. He was seriously all eyes. These huge hazel orbs that sucked me right in! Up to now I’ve just been photographing him at school but that changed this year. Lucky me! I loved seeing Harvey with his Mom, Marnie and his Dad, Dave. […]

Seattle Family Photographer ~ The Eyes Have It

The last time I saw Max and Hannah together at a family session was many years ago when they were little. Hannah is now in 9th grade! Hannah and Max have such an easy relationship. Brothers and sisters can be hard but these two care a lot for each other! AND they care a lot […]

Seattle Family Photographer ~ Kissing Cousins

See these kids? Look at how happy those smiles are! Not everybody smiles that naturally. There was such an ease about them that they really just glowed. (Of course it could have been their beautiful strawberry blonde coloring too. Tough call. Ha!) Before you think I’m getting all woo woo take a look at the […]

Seattle Family Photographer~Handing Down Happy

Apparently I am a creature of habit. When I asked Ronan and Nora to sit down next to each other on the bridge they immediately plopped down and said ‘Act like you like each other!’ and then they immediately started wrestling. (see below) Ha! I guess I say the same thing every time! But seriously, […]

Seattle Family Photographer ~ ‘Act Like You Like Eachother’