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As most of you know, we always do an unorthodox Husky card as our holiday card. We have lived through MANY years of finding a nice way to say ‘we suck’ so that makes this year all the sweeter! Without further ado…our holiday card! Our card went out later than normal because we had to […]

Issaquah Family Photographer – Happy Huskies

When Jill and Colin told us what they wanted to do for their wedding ceremony we were all in!  It was so intimate, and creative and THEM!  But we did have to check in with them.  Since they are the first ‘kids’ to get married amongst all of our friends we knew we would have […]

Jill and Colin Get Hitched – The Reception

What a month!  I thought I’d share the story of Jill’s wedding now before we forget all the details!  Weddings ALWAYS have a story behind them.  Often not what was planned but unique and lovey anyways…and Jill and Colin’s was no different! Leading up to the wedding Jill and Colin had some lovely showers thrown […]

Jill and Colin Get Hitched – The Ceremony

It’s time for me to brag a bit about this kid. She is the quiet one with imposter syndrome. She’s the one who is going to put her head down, do her work, go above and beyond and quietly take her accolades. She was nominated to be a top 10 scholar of her whole graduating […]

Seattle Senior Photographer ~ Brag on the Grad!

Guest Blogger: Jill We have an artistic print of that phrase hanging above our dinner table and have really begun to take that to heart as we’ve gotten into some high adventure over the last few years. This was a big summer for Colin and I. We started with a lot of training hikes to […]

Life is Better when you Adventure Together

In 1994 Allen and I drove out to Pullman for the Apple Cup.  It became known as ‘The Snow Bowl’ because it was dumping snow during the game and we vowed we would not go back to Pullman because it was a TERRIBLE game…for the Huskies.  Kate, being the rebel that she is, made us […]

Issaquah Senior Photographer ~ The Rebel