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Today Kate takes the last final of her high school career. I know what you are thinking…’Wait! Didn’t she already graduate?’ Yes and no. The graduation ceremony was a couple weeks ago but she still had classes at the community college that she needed in order to complete her associates degree. So now she is […]

Seattle Senior Photographer ~ Catching Up with Kate

Here are my favorite pictures from the last few years…weird as they are! (The years, not the pictures!)

Issaquah Family Photographer – Kate’s Later Years

Here we are. The end of an era. The end of our parenting journey with kids in the Issaquah School District. 23 years is a long time! And yet I am making this all about me. This is about Kate and HER journey! We are so proud of this kid and the path she has […]

Issaquah Family Photographer ~ Here We Are

In the case of Palm Springs that is true. With the pandemic we missed two years in the dessert. Two years of pool time and sunshine and all the things we like to do down here.   As far as family goes, though, absence make my heart grow desperate. Because of the pandemic and the […]

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

We finally got Kate’s birthday pictures taken…AFTER her birthday. That has never happened but she is a busy girl! We are so proud of this newly minted adult.  (I’m kind of choking on that word for my baby.). She has had the weir high school experience.  We moved to a temporary house during her freshman […]

Seattle Senior Photographer ~ Kate is 18!

For Christmas we really like to give our kids experiences. Things we can do with them where we can all enjoy it together. This year Ellie and Kate got a Kraken game, but we knew Jill and Colin would not only be out of town on that day, but would not have liked being inside […]

Seattle Family Photographer ~ Jill’s experience day