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When life hands you lemons…make lemonade. Love the phrase. A few weeks ago I was supposed to be out of town at Ellie’s family weekend at Boise State. Kate was not feeling well so we made the call that I would stay home. I was looking at a wide open weekend at home (which is […]

Seattle Senior Photographer ~ Lemonade

A couple weeks ago I had the chance to take Wyatt’s senior pictures. He is hoping for a golf scholarship to one of his favorite schools AND he spent the summer working at Newcastle Golf Club. We did a lot of my regular spots to get the traditional pictures and we ended our session up […]

Seattle Senior Photographer ~ The Perks of the Job

Skylar’s Mom and I were Huskies at the University of Washington together. When I called this blog post Lucky Ducks I was NOT referring to her choice of schools. (It might be hard for either one of us to send a check to Oregon. Just No!) I was referring to the weather. We moved the […]

Seattle Senior Photographer ~ Lucky Ducks

I think it was Mark Twain that said ‘Golf is a good walk spoiled’. Clearly he’d never been to Sahalee. I hadn’t been there in YEARS so when Jeannine asked if I could take Zach’s senior pictures there I jumped at the chance. What a spectacular setting! Jeannine called way back in May to set […]

Seattle Senior Photographer ~ A Good Walk Spoiled

When Conner told me all about the schools he was looking at applying to a pattern quickly emerged. They are all in California! He said that that was intentional because he loves it so much down there and all of his extended family lives down there. He’s a big fan of engineering and sunshine. Well! […]

Seattle Senior Photographer ~ California Dreaming

Like his good friend Jasper, Torin is a runner. He’s looking forward to this year season because there is a chance they will go back to state. So exciting! Also like Jasper, Torin loves to play tenor saxophone. Unlike Jasper, though, Torin is following his passion for music to college instead of running. If he […]

Seattle Senior Photographer