Apr 5, 2019

Seattle Family Photographer ~ Let There Be Light

It’s been awhile since I’ve done an update.  In my last update progress was slow because of heavy snowfall.  The snow is gone and so is much of the debris they pulled out of the house.  But, despite best laid plans things have been taking a bit longer than we thought.

Mold remediation ended up being a bigger job than we thought.  When we bought the house we thought it would cost $10k to get rid of all the mold.  There was more than we though on all three floors.  It looks like the roof leak was the culprit but still caused a lot of yuck going down the whole wall from the mast bath on down.  All told it was about $20k to remediate and fix.  Still much better than the rumored $200k the neighbors thought it would be.  The fixes actually forced us to take out a couple of windows that we really didn’t want so we were actually pretty happy with how it all turned out.

Speaking of windows, look at all that beautiful light in these pictures!  We doubled the size of the sliding door glass by adding a double slider that meets in the middle.  That is 10ft of natural light there alone!  In addition to that we put in another five foot window where the fireplace used to be.  Even MORE light!  And, as if all that natural light wasn’t enough, we can now see all of the beautiful tress that are our new view.  Simply fantastic.  You will just have to take my word for that because the windows are all covered up for painting.  (The windows are covered and it’s STILL bright in there.  I’m obsessed!)

So where are we now?  Right now there is a lot of down time as drywall mud dries between coats.  You think it’s boring to watch paint dry?  At least that’s a nice finished look.  Try watching coat after coat of drywall mud dry.  Sigh…it’s killing me!  Once that is done (this week hopefully) and the wall texture has gone on e then they can install the hardwood floors on the main floor.  I’m beyond excited!  After that is done cabinets will be installed and tiling will start.  Our contractor is promising that things will move a lot faster as soon as the mud is dry.  I sure hope so!

We finally set a move date.  Woot!  The end is near.  We will be moving into the new house memorial Day weekend.  Come hell or high water here we come!  If the drywall mud doesn’t start drying faster we may find our contractor in there with hair dryers.  There is a lot left to do and he’s going to need as much time as possible.  So excited!

There’s the update.  Hopefully you will see more updates coming soon!