Mar 18, 2019

Seattle Family Photographer ~ Mall Madness

Since we are living in temporary diggs while our house is being remodeled we knew we needed to find someplace else for Kate’s party. Kate is a huge lover of fashion and a huge lover of shopping so there was no better place for her party than the mall!  Coordinating her friends’ soccer schedules was harder than the whole scavenger hunt but we finally found a night for it.

We started with dinner out at the Cheesecake Factory. None of us had ever been there so it was a fun experience for all. As dinner wound down the waitress brought Kate her first clue. Mr. Fun did a great job with the hunt. I gave a beginning, middle and end location suggestion and then he ran with it. (He did get some great input from Jill and Ellie before the big day too.)

The really fun thing about this hunt was how enthusiastic the people in the mall were. Probably the most enthusiastic were the guys at The Lego Store. When Allen asked if they could hold a clue u til Kate came looking for it they got so excited. They even made up their own little rhyme and had her look for the clue around the store. It was hidden in the Party Bus display case. I so wish Kate had gotten a picture of that!  (There were other stores that hid them too. One was behind a 40% off sign and another was behind some boxes.)

One of the funniest clues was:

‘Very well done taking on the annual Enebo birthday party Job.  You have made it this far but you have a few clues to go.  Your next clue can be found through a technology ‘Gateway’ that overtook America in its prime.’

Since we are huge Apple fans in this house the girls immediately when to the Apple store. The employees asked if they were with the boys’ hunt. Ooh!  Interesting. Another group of hunters!  (Their clue was ‘You will find your clue at the bar that doesn’t serve alcohol’. Good clue!). The Apple employees did not have a clue for them. It a crowd of them soon gathered to help figure it out. They finally realized the GATEway part was key and that the clue was at the Microsoft Store. Ha!  Mr Fun had totally faked them out!

For the first time ever we had a clue that led the girls to where Allen and I had a little spot set up with cake.  This was clue five.  The girls thought the hunt was kind of lame this year because it was so short.  They were please when we handed them their next clue when they were done with cake!

The girls found their final clue and received their prizes. Some little crossbody purses with Ring Pops (blog ), a mall gift card and Spree candy (because they were having a shopping spree!).  At that point the girls took off to do their shopping.

Kate had a great night with her great friends. Another successful party in the books!  Usually this is the end of Birthday season for us but since Ellie was sick on her birthday her party has not happened yet. Stay tuned. It is coming in a couple weeks!